ALICE ART - Painting and Photography
Alice Briesmaster
at Rice Lake 2010  
Rediscovering my creative side through painting and photography.
I  am excited about this new chapter of my life!
I am originally from the United States, and in 1974 I crossed the border into Canada, settling in Toronto. In 2000 I moved downtown from the suburbs to the wonderful, vibrant, historic St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, not far from Lake Ontario. Since my retirement in 2009, after 29 years at a busy and stressful  investment accounting job, I am devoting my time to a variety of artistic and creative pursuits. No more numbers!
Through the years I have taken various art courses in drawing and  painting in the U.S. and in Toronto. Now I am seriously exploring both photography and painting. 

When I retired I purchased my first digital camera, a Panasonic Lumix. Not the fanciest camera but I love using it and am happy with the results. I have attended several classes at Henry's School of Imaging, and may take more classes in photography in future.  For now I enjoy experimenting on my own, surprising myself with what happens through my lens.
Since retirement I have taken landscape painting classes in acrylics and oils at Avenue Road Arts School and George Brown College  Fine Arts Program.  I continued my  exploration of landscape painting with occasional classes taught by Stefan Galvanek at  LucSculpture School.
See examples of my paintings on the Slide Show page.