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Welcome to my Webs​ite!

Green is the prime color of the world,

and that from which its loveliness arises.


I go to nature to be soothed and healed,

and to have my senses put in order.


I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.


GREEN is the colour of the heart chakra, of balance and harmony. It soothes and relaxes the body with its healing energy, which those of us who choose to live and work in cities greatly need. We are living beings, but are surrounded by buildings made of metal, glass, and brick. We walk on concrete, not grass. In green spaces, our spirits are refreshed, and we find some momentary sanctuary from our busy urban lives.

Through my photographs, I wish to share with you my love and deep appreciation for the beauty to be found in nature every time we step outside our door. We are fortunate to have many parks and green spaces in Toronto. Nature can be found everywhere, even in this big city!

My photos were taken primarily in my own green oasis in St. James Cathedral Park, in the historic St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, and on the Toronto Islands. Some photos were taken in other city neighbourhoods and parks, and farther afield in the Ontario countryside.

I capture images of city and nature as I see them, in an immediate way, with no special camera settings or lenses. Flowers and trees, birds and animals simply ARE. Bursting with life, intricately designed, and in glorious colour. We all need at times to “walk into green” so we can feel renewed and truly alive!


St. James Cathedral Park

My Photo Gallery

**photos are copyrighted © and property of Alice Briesmaster**


Spring Scenes

Farmers' Market Bounty

Goats, Alpacas, and Donkeys

​​Pan Am Games - Summer 2015 

Autumn at Alderville Black Oak Savanna

2015 - City Scenes

The Beauty of Flowers-

WINTER Dec'14 - Jan'15

FALL 2014


Winter Ferry ride to Ward's Island - Feb' 14 

Allan Gardens Easter 2014 


My St. Lawrence Neighbourhood

Old Town and St. Lawrence Market

St. James Cathedral Park

King St East

Edwards Gardens

High Park Cherry Blossoms

Toronto Islands

Stratford, Ontario

City Scenes

Algonquin Park 

Gardens in Grafton ON


Autumn Scenery near Parry Sound

Georgian Bay Islands

Christmas at Allan Gardens

Altered Views 

Some experiments with Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.

The artistic filters work well for flowers and city views.

Why not try it yourself?


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